Saturday, September 7, 2019

Theology of Death Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Theology of Death - Essay Example Still, whatever we may think, death is with us virtually every day - in news reports, in films, books, and, sadly, sometimes right around us when somebody whom we have known passes away. That is why everyone is instigated by circumstances to form a peculiar vision of death, which could be called ones own theology of death. Personally, I try to base my theology of death not only on some banal reasoning but on ideas advanced by theologians and philosophers as well. For example, an interesting and thought provoking opposition of views on death can be found in the account of a symposium "Extended Life, Eternal Life". There, one speaker, a terminally ill Diogenes Allen, voiced his view of the fundamental inferiority of human life, which, if indefinitely extended, at some point would no longer be able to satisfy us because of its repetitious nature. This, as Allen reasons, turns death into a kind of blessing, as it finally opens the way for Gods perfect love, the tempting essence of which one may anticipate already during our earthly being. In his turn, another speaker Neil Gillman sees no redemptive function in death as he proclaims it to be mans enemy.

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